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SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 3

2018.10.28 22:08 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 3

Haven't posted in a while, but I haven't forgotten!!! I had been traveling the past two weeks and yesterday I just wanted to sit at home and do nothing. And now I present the contestants from the season that split Idolforums, started the FG/BQ War, brought you questionable racial comments, actual slapfights, 10 identical anti-war solos, and may just have been the season to prompt mandatory psych checks.
Top 20
Ashlee Langas- Unfortunately for Ashlee her run on the show looked mainly like Top 20 fodder brought in solely for the purpose of filling the Ashley/Ashle/Ashlee/Ashleigh quota. According to Instagram, she co-owns the The Mystic Rebel Healing Collective in LA where she teaches stoned yoga (yes, like stoned, stoned), wellness, and meditation. Before this, she was in Bette Midler's Vegas show and performed in music videos with Robin Thicke and Ricky Martin. Part of her bio notes that she started her studio after struggling with depression and coming out to her family and was searching for a deeper spiritual connection. In her personal life, she seems to have gotten married earlier this year and was recently chosen for jury duty. This will be irrelevant to most people, but she now looks like a 10 years older version of Bekah Martinez from The Bachelor.
Ricky Palomino- If you are looking for a $350 vintage laced cape, Ricky is the guy for you. This is just one of many capes he has in his fashion line, Marcelino. Anyway, he seems to have a lot going on- traveling teaching master classes, producing music and music videos, choreographing in Poland and the U.S. (Dance Moms, Raising Asia), was an assistant producer for the show, American Beauty Star, and a judge on World of Dance. It looks like he may also be in an upcoming independent dance short film, The Accompanist.
Top 18
Faina Savich- Actually have been excited to post this one since I had looked her up in an effort to find info on her brother for my previous post. She is a family law attorney now, which I thought was super cool. It looks like she earned her Juris Doctor From Fordham University in 2015 and received the Archibald R. Murray Public Service Award for being involved in pro bono/community work during her time as a student. I think she did do some professional dancing post-SYTYCD but honestly the lawyer stuff was more interesting. She seems to be married and has a young daughter.
Jimmy Arguello- Post being eliminated over Cedric, Jimmy has gone on to perform on screen (DWTS, various awards shows) and in numerous stage productions, including Rock of Ages, as an assistant choreographer and a dance captain for Jai Ho World Tour with A.R. Rahman (this guy is super famous for people who aren't familiar). He is also listed as staff at a dance studio in Redondo Beach, a company member at Mosaic Dance Project, and is the owner of ArguelloProDance. His instagram is private so no personal life updates.
Top 16
Jessi Peralta- Let's just take a second to remember the baby oil audition. Real talk though everyone on IDF used to say that Jessi was the reason they started requiring psych evaluations to go on the show, so was there more to the dehydration story and her persistent crush on Pasha??? Since then, Jessi could be seen dancing in a number of awards shows and music videos with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton, along with a few IMBD credits, none of which I think are recognizable enough to mention, although another bio I saw included different credits (Fame, Vampire Diaries, a speaking role in Anchorman 2). Around 2010 she was featured on World of Jenks about her leaving LA and quitting dance to become cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans and around 2013/14 she was on the crew of some kind of touring country music/dance show. It took some work to find what she is doing post 2014, but she seems to own a dance studio called, WRK PLC in Tennessee (her bio lists Top 8 contestant in SYTYCD S3 but neglects to specify it was Top 8 Girls- so in character lol). Looks like she got married in 2014 and had a daughter in 2016.
Jesus Solorio- After his run on the show, he was a choreographer for the Oxygen show Dance Your Ass Off, appeared in shows like Glee, Hannah Montana, New Girl, and Cirque du Soleil, and even created and directed his own stage show called Dreamcatcher. He seems to also do a lot of choreographing and master classes and is a dance instructor at Allan Hancock College in CA. Can't find an Instagram or Twitter unfortunately, so the sleuthing ends here.
Top 14
Shauna Noland- Before I begin, I would like to recall her and Lacey's weird ass Youtube channel from when they were roommates. It was like the pinnacle of the of weird Tumblinternet culture from 2008 that I was so into as a teenager and regret deeply as an adult. Currently she is a teacher at Xtreme Force Dance Company in CA, but before that she worked with Justin Giles and Tessandra Chavez and has been a guest choreographer and teacher around the U.S. She got married in 2016.
Cedric Gardner- Oh Cedric, at the time of his elimination, he was probably the most hated contestant of all time. I actually just really felt badly for him and at this time I would like to give him props for his solos. Anyway, since SYTYCD he danced in Step Up 3D, choreographed for the television show Empire, and is involved in youth arts initiatives through Davis Dance Team for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Wisconsin (see relevant music video) which was a collab with Pharrell and was ultimately performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live). This seems to be his main focus, and good on him, I think that's pretty cool.
Top 12
Anya Garnis- After SYTYCD, she appeared in several dance competition franchise shows, including as an All-Star and choreographer on SYTYCD, as a professional on Strictly Come Dancing, where she and her partner made it to the semi-finals, and as performer in Burn the Floor and the Dancing With the Stars Vegas show. Her Instagram bio also says she has danced on Broadway and West End and she is still dancing/touring with Pasha.
Hok Konishi- Following the show, Hok joined Quest Crew (ABDC Season 3 winners and Season 8 all-star champions (truly did not know the show lasted 8 seasons)) along with several other SYTYCD alums and subsequently won an Emmy 2016 for their choreography in season 8. He appeared in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and was the choreographer for LMFAO's music videos, Party Rock Anthem and Champagne Showers. He seems to be busy touring with Quest along with choreographing and teaching workshops. He also graduated from Santa Monica College with a degree in graphic design, plays the violin, and is a visual artist as well.
Top 10
Jaimie Goodwin- I've been at this for hours and I'm only halfway through : Jaimie has done a shit ton of things since leaving the show, including performing on SYTYCD as an All-Star and in television and film (HSM3, Glee, Rock of Ages, All the Right Moves, DWTS, Emmys, and most recently with JLO at the AMAs). Teaching credits include 24SEVEN, Stanford University, and master classes. She has also toured with Shaping Sound and choreographed for artists such as as Miley Cyrus and Kylie Minogue.
Kameron Bink- Kameron has taught classes around the world, probably most notably for two years in Iceland for The Icelandic Dance Company. In 2009, he joined Bad Boys of Dance and performed on three world tours. It seems like he got married last year to a lawyer from Iceland and they are currently living in Florida where he is listed on the faculty of a couple dance studios.
Top 8
Sara Von Gillern- Now a choreographer and performance artist in LA, she teaches locally in studios and private schools. Some of her notable choreography credits include Maddie Ziegler, Aziz Ansari, ABDC, and SYTYCD, while she has danced for a long list of musical arists (Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Beiber, MC Hammer, LMFAO). She also lists a number of television credits (Ellen, New Girl, Superstore) and has danced for the Denver Nuggets, Clippers and her crews The Syrenz and Outer Circle Crew. It seems like she also does some aerial arts stuff too.
Dominic Dtrix Sandoval- For Quest Crew related info, see above. Aside from being a member of Quest Crew, Dominic was also a judge on ABDC, was the host of the web series Dance Showdown, and is an active YouTuber. Along with having his own channels (theDOMINICshow), Dominic has collaborated with Wong Fu Productions/Ryan Higa. He also does a lot of choreography including for The Lab Creative Arts Studio (inthelab247), World of Dance Season 2 Champions. He also had a high-profile relationship with Season 7 winner, Lauren Froderman, although they broke up years ago at this point. He's easy to find online if you need more info.
Top 6
Lauren Misha Chan Gottlieb- Am I petty for bringing up 10-year-old drama between two teenagers? Yes. Do I care? No. I very much enjoyed this at the time and I like to reminisce. After SYTYCD, she tried her luck with the south Asian crowd having been a runner up on season 6 of the Indian dance show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, a judge on the same show, and playing the lead role in the 2013 Bollywood dance film ABCD: Any Body Can Dance. Back in America, she has assisted Tasty Oreo, NappyTabs, and Mia Michaels on SYTYCD, in addition to choreographing and performing as an All-Star. She has also performed with musical artists such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, and Shakira. Recently she acted in a short film called Scavenger. Additionally, she is verified on Instagram.
Pasha Kovalev- Similar to Anya, Pasha continues to be involved with reality dance shows in the U.S. and U.K. He has appeared as both an All-Star and contestant on SYTYCD, was on Superstars of Dance, and has been a professional on of Strictly Come Dancing since 2011, finishing as a runner-up on two seasons and a winner on season 12. He is currently competing with Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts on the 16th season and has been dating Rachel Riley since 2014. (Rachel Riley is a mathematician of Countdown and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown fame and I had no idea they were dating!!)
4th Place
Lacey Schwimmer- Before I begin, I just want to post this. I do find it funny that all of the siblings (Faina, Lacey, Danny) roughly made it as far as their brothers in Season 2. When Lacey was not busy removing her arm from Lauren's "strong hands" (ALLEGEDLY), she performed on 6 seasons of DWTS as a professional dancer, making it to 3rd place with partner Lance Bass. She also assisted Benji as a choreographer on season 4 of SYTYCD. She also dabbled in the music business... She is currently teaches master classes and at her parents' studio and seems to be still performing and choreographing professionally.
3rd Place
Neil Haskell- After SYTYCD, Neil performed in several Broadway productions (Tuck Everlasting, Bring It On, currently Hamilton) and was an All-Star on SYTYCD. He also had an acting role in the MTV musical American Mall. I'm losing steam here, but he mostly seems to be busy with Broadway stuff now.
2nd Place
Danny Tidwell- Since being runner-up on the show, he served as the Artistic Director of Movmnt Magazine and was a soloist with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo. He was also a guest teacher for JUMP, a national dance competition/convention, was featured on DWTS with Tiler Peck, and performed in the Broadway show, Memphis. He may have gotten married in 2014, and while I don't see any recent pics of Danny on his feed, there was one with Travis from this summer.
Edit: I regret to provide this update, but unfortunately since this post was written Danny has passed away in a car accident. I discovered this piece of his shortly after hearing the news and am posting it here in a small act of remembrance.
Sabra Johnson- I think Sabra first spent some time with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in NYC, then danced internationally, notably with Staatstheater Darmstadt in GERMANY. The most recent thing I can find of her is a YouTube video from 2016 where she was a special guest at Dancenter Vietnam. It seemed like she was in Vietnam for a while teaching classes and directing a Between Us Dance Performance with John Huy Trans Urban Dance Group. Little bummed I can't find any more information about her or Danny.
Please ignore any mistakes because after spending hours on this I cannot bear to spend the 3 extra minutes to read through it again.
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